Gestalt Web

1 leaf. (Ca. 432 x 278 mm. 17 x 11 in.) Executed in various bright colors on speckled paper. Signed by composer at lower left corner.

One of a series of a composition lesson illustrations graphically depicting a creative process in composing music with implications for other areas of imaginative thinking.

The illustration is playful, accessible, unique, sincere, and optimistic. To follow the purple line, starting from the bottom left, moving upward and then swirling through the image is to follow Augusta’s thinking about an integrated creative process. Staring with sound and ending with yellow dots of sound that climb right off the top of the page, it is as if this process creates sounds (or other things) that are able to go on forever.  The yellow dots also lead to – or perhaps start from a place of silence – as seen toward the bottom of the page.  The portrayal, at once whimsical and insightful, signposts that an imaginative creator passes through progressive stages: DREAM, EXPERIMENT, BUILDING MATERIALS, CREATING INTENTIONAL ORGANIC CRAFT, which lead to a GESTALT WEB where myriad parameters of music are holistically interdependent.  This artwork suggests that, through such a journey, one has an opportunity to create works of NUANCE, DETAIL, PERSONALITY, CHARACTER, SOUL, and INTEGRITY.


Published by J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians

J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians was established in 1977 by John and Jude Lubrano. Since that time, the firm has come to be recognized as one of the leading international antiquarian dealers in the specialities of Music and Dance.

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